Senior Benefits Group is a family owned company located in Rock Hill, South Carolina and is dedicated to providing honest and ethical solutions to our client’s Insurance and Financial needs. Owner, Greg Jordan, maintains constant education is the key to providing the service our client's deserve.  With over 50 years of combined experience in this field it positions us as the premier company in the greater Charlotte region to handle the needs of the client.  Please review our web-site for valuable information on benefits and services available.

We are licensed in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida!!


Senior Benefits Group has a Mission to provide it’s clients with the tools to make proper decisions in today’s uncertain times.  Most individuals in or near retirement have three financial legs to support them in retirement:  Social Security benefits; qualified retirement savings [401 (k), IRA, 403(b), etc.] on   which taxes have not yet been paid; non-qualified savings and investments on which taxes have been paid on the principle and possibly some or all of the earnings.  By carefully coordinating the use of these three sources of money, the typical retirement minded couple can add up to 20% to their after-tax income and afford a better retirement lifestyle.  Unfortunately, most couples in or near retirement overlook the importance of coordinating the uses of their available money.  The results are higher tax bills and lower lifestyles in retirement.  Both can be avoided.  Please contact us for assistance with this very important process.

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